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My People (MP), one of three divisions of Indigenous Pathways, is a non-sectarian organization dedicated to working together with the Indigenous community in the development of the full leadership capacity of Native North Americans and other Indigenous peoples. Staff and volunteers focus their efforts on trauma healing workshops, community-based work, and capacity-building workshops and conferences with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Predominantly comprised of Indigenous people, staff and volunteers reflect a strong commitment to Indigenous leadership development in an intercultural setting.


2016 Ministry Report
Read the annual report for My People HERE.
Nĕstooāāk: Renewing Faith
Glowing faces around the tipi fire belie the mean temperature of the late October evening. We are out on the land (Treaty 6) west of Edmonton. The sweet grass smudge is lit as the late comers grab a blanket at the entrance and are pointed to their place, circling sun-wise around the fire to the men’s side (west) or the women’s (east).

Read the latest Indigenews! Indigenews is the official newsletter of Indigenous Pathways in which My People, along with iEmergence and NAIITS is part of.
Through the Pain DVD
This Suicide Prevention DVD is still available!

The DVD highlights the seriousness of suicide in the Native North American community and provides practical tools to educate both Native and non-Native communities about this devastating social problem.


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Healing at the Wounding Place and My People partner to give you UNDRIP: Charting a Course for (Re)Conciliation

Participate in Indigenous and settler-led sessions that seek to catalyze action and understanding around the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

There will be two workshops: one in Victoria, BC on April 28 - 29, 2017; and another one in Edmonton, AB on May 13, 2017.

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