Something Happened To Me

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This past year has been full of many great opportunities for Linda and for me in counseling and in encouraging our First Nations sisters and brothers. The work has taken us to places like Beaver Lake Camp just outside Dryden Ontario, to Fairbanks Alaska, Browning Montana, Vancouver, BC and many other places.

But an experience that stands out to us at this time is about a young First Nations man from Manitoba who came to a conference where we were ministering. This young man Fred (not his real name) had been struggling with many addictions in his life. He just could not seem to gain victory over them, no freedom, just constant struggles. Fred’s long-term addiction had even assigned him some jail time.

Well, Linda happened to be one of the keynote speakers at this conference. In the course of her teaching Fred was moved like he had never been moved before. “Something happened to me when Linda was speaking”, he said. “I saw things and understood things about my past in a way that I have never understood them before.” Fred shared with me later, following the gathering, that while Linda was teaching “a light went on for me in a way like never before.” That’s when he began to reflect on his life in a new way. He was able to relate to Linda’s life story and saw then how he too could heal. His healing journey had taken huge steps forward. I now meet with him and walk with him as often as I’m able. It’s so encouraging to watch as Creator continues to bring healing and growth to this man.