A Sascred Healing Place

Inenimowin Circle is more than a workshop. It is about creating sacred places where the deep pain of people can meet the loving embrace of Creator God. So often I’ve heard people echo this sentiment, “When I heard others share their stories of shame, I realized I wasn’t alone in my abuse and I also could be God’s beloved child. I wasn’t excluded because of what happened.”

One of the goals of the Inenimowin Circle is for on-going follow-up via small groups where the participants themselves become safe places for others in their families and communities. By God’s grace, Inenimowin has helped my husband, Wes and me to become safe places. The other day Wes came home from grabbing a sandwich with another guy and told me about the sacred-place-Inenimowin-moment when this friend’s pain encountered Jesus’ healing compassion. Every Monday and Thursday night here in Browning the Creator opens His arms again to create safe places for women and men to be vulnerable, to be seen honestly and to be loved. These moments can happen everywhere and anywhere as you and I open our hearts to make room for people’s pain to be held by Love.

The My People staff is strategically working on creating video resources and updating the curriculum in Western Montana in early September for small group healing circles, as follow-up from the Inenimowin four-day workshop. We would dearly appreciate your prayer support as we engage with this powerful ministry resource.