A Martin with 50 Fenders

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Tim Cofield, a musician friend of mine from Tennessee, called me this summer with an amazing question. I could hardly believe my ears. I had never had anything like this ever happen to me before. He told me that someone from Nashville had fifty new Fender guitars to give away and asked if I could help him find a home for them? Fifty new guitars! Unbelievable! I love guitars and I know the beauty they can bring into a life and so did Tim. He wanted to start gifting these guitars in Muskrat Dam, Ontario, which is Linda’s home Cree community.

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I believe in the Power of One…

…because I know One woman who is transforming her family with love. She had the courage to come to Inenimowin Circle and share her story of being sexually abused by her father and spending much of her life addicted to drugs. But her story has changed and now she is walking with Her Creator through His Son, Jesus, and rebuilding trust with her relationships in her family. She is breaking old patterns and not taking “too late” for an answer.

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Reflections on 150 Years of Canada in Eastern Ontario

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Where are we now and where are we going?

For European Settlers and Indigenous Hosts, finding a smooth path towards reconciliation through the tangled web of our mutual history can be a difficult process. Given our Settler legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery (see YouTube: 2015 Sacred Circle: Bishop Mark MacDonald on the Doctrine of Discovery), the ongoing journey to deep understandings, re-thinking our assumed narratives, seeking justice and mercy and following the Jesus way is a challenge.

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Humbled Hearts
Watch as a ministry in Browning, Montana, birthed out of My People’s Inenimowin Circle, is leading others through profound healing circles. Inenimowin creates a safe place for people to talk about their experiences and feelings of abuse. During the 5-day workshop participants learn how to lead a support group for people who have suffered abuse or great disappointment. In effect, participants learn how to re-create an Inenimowin Circle in their own context.

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Part Two of Theology from the Tipi
For Ray, the essence of Native spirituality understands the creation story and how we are related to creation. “I'm related to the land...if the land is damaged we will forget who we are. The residential school destroyed all our connections to the land. It was the annihilation of the connections of children with their parents and with the land. Even Settlers struggled with identity. When they arrived, they had no homeland and no connection to the new land."

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Theology from the Tipi: Nĕstooāāk
Glowing faces around the tipi fire belie the mean temperature of the late October evening. We are out on the land (Treaty 6) west of Edmonton. The sweet grass smudge is lit as the late comers grab a blanket at the entrance and are pointed to their place, circling sun-wise around the fire to the men’s side (west) or the women’s (east).

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Latest Issue

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Suicide Prevention DVD

The Suicide Prevention DVD is now available!

In partnership with the Aboriginal Ministries Council of the EFC, My People has produced a new DVD on suicide intervention and prevention.

The DVD highlights the seriousness of suicide in the Native North American community and provides practical tools to educate both Native and non-Native communities about this devastating social problem.
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