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Indigenous Pathways is a community of organizations with unique identities and skills that have chosen to live together within one corporate legal entity in order to more effectively work alongside Indigenous people around the world. At present, there are three members of the Indigenous Pathways family: NAIITS, iEmergence and My People.
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North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS)

My People International is deeply committed to training Indigenous leaders in more formal biblical and theological studies undertaken from an Indigenous perspective. To that end MPI is a key facilitator in NAIITS.

Through symposiums, publishing and facilitated study, the Institute brings together men and women from within the mainstream of Christian faith, providing forums and programs for biblical and theological study undertaken from within Indigenous peoples' points of view.

For further information, go to the
NAIITS Website
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iEmergence is a catalyst for building pathways towards reconciliation through transformation in indigenous communities. We encourage youth, young adults, and their families to engage in culturally appropriate holistic transformational development while training the next generation leaders.

Click this link for more information,
iEmergence Website
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